PayPal and 1 Shopping Cart Integration

If you’re a 1ShoppingCart user and accept PayPal as a payment method than there’s a neat little trick you should be aware of that will enable 1ShoppingCart and PayPal to work better together.  It’s called a “PDT Identity Token” and we highly encourage you to follow the steps below to improve the interaction between these two systems.

Please note:  You need to have a Business or Premier Account with PayPal, not a personal account for this to work.

Step #1  Log into your account

Step #2  On the left menu bar click on “Cart Setup” and then on “Gateway Setup”

Step #3  Scroll down to the box that reads “PayPal PDT (Payment Data Transfer)”

Step #4  Click on the link that says “click here” within that grey box

Step #5  A new window will open up with the heading “Using Payment Data Transfer (PDT) For PayPal Standard Transactions”.  Go to Section III, which is titled “I have a Premier or Business Account with PayPal.”  In step 4 of those instructions you’ll see the URL  Highlight and copy this URL.

Step #6  Open up a new window and login to your PayPal account.

Step #7  On the top menu bar click on the link that says “Profile”

Step #8  Under the heading “Selling Preferences” click on the link that reads “Website Payment Preferences”.

Step #9  Set “Auto Return for Website Payments” to “On”.

Step #10  Paste that URL you highlighted and copied in Step #5 into the box in PayPal that says “Return URL”.

Step #11  Set “Payment Data Transfer” to “On”.

Step #12  Highlight and copy the alphanumeric “Identity Token” listed underneath this.

Step #13  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Save” button.

Step #14  Return to your open window and place a check in the little box titled “Enable PDT” that is just to the right of the PayPal PDT box.

Step #15  Paste the Identity Token into the box labeled “PDT Identity Token”.

Step #16  Click the “Save Changes” button.

This may seem like quite a few steps but you can do it in just a few minutes and shopping cart experts like Christina Hills of report that it has significantly improved their PayPal/1ShoppingCart interaction.

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