Infofillment by Speaker Fulfillment Services

Thank you for being a valued client or prospective client of Speaker Fulfillment Services. Welcome to our client resources area.

Infofillment is a term we coined that means “Information Product Fulfillment.”  On this site you’ll find:

  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about doing business with Speaker Fulfillment Services
  • Courses and other resources to help you succeed as an information marketer
  • Helpful articles
  • Important forms and documents
  • Links to SFS related websites
  • Copies of previous issues of the SFS “News and Notes” Newsletter
  • Testimonials from dozens of ecstatic SFS Clients

We’ve also recently added several videos showing you how to access information from our backoffice system (Red Oak Cart). This includes:

  • Checking your inventory levels
  • Checking the status of your shipments
  • Entering a order directly into our backend system for us to ship

In the coming weeks will be adding a lot more information to this site so that you can use it as a reference. Please check back often to see what new things are going on. Or if you have a suggestion please tell us about it.

Thank you once again for doing business with us.

Best wishes,

The Entire SFS Team
Information Product Fulfillment Done Right, Right Away!