Should Your Newsletter be Physical or Digital?

The fact is people – each individual person – can only read so many newsletters. They can only process so much information. So there comes a point where they have to say no, I’ve got to choose between the newsletter on topic ‘A’ or the newsletter on topic ‘B’ or the information product on topic ‘A’ or the information product on topic ‘B’, because I just don’t have the time.

It becomes your duty as a newsletter marketer to do what you can to convince them that you’re the right choice. This is where there is a missed opportunity for a lot of people.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of newsletter people cans select from in the information marketing and Internet marketing niches. Some are digital only, others are physical only. Some are a combination of both. Some includes CDs or DVDs, some don’t.

Is it true that you can get that information delivered to you online in a digital format and that the entrepreneurs and marketers who sell digital only can deliver their product less expensively if they mailed it to their subscribers.

Yes it is true, but the fact is that people typically find it more valuable to have the info in their own hands, so it’s more portable, You don’t have to be connected to the Internet. You can stick it in your briefcase or attaché or put it in a file folder so that when you’re traveling on a plane, waiting at the dentist’s office or any time that you don’t have convenient access to the Internet you have the info readily available.

People can have a folder they carry around and I keep certain newsletters and other information like that in that folder so if I’m even running errands and I get stuck in a waiting room somewhere I can read that.

It’s still more portable than the Internet. Even if you have an iPhone and you can get full access to the web through your iPhone, the screen is still small, the load times are still slow, there’s all kinds of advantages that an actual physical newsletter or CD has over digital.

That’s not to downplay the digital stuff and that’s not to say you should do it or that it shouldn’t be part of your business mix. What we’re seeing is the smart people, the people who are surviving long-term and actually thriving even during challenging economic times is they’re offering this physical component.

Add a physical component, retain more long-term customers.

Bret Ridgway is co-founder of Newsletter Formula along with Heather Seitz. For your copy of their free report “7 Ways to Make Money with Newsletters and Continuity Programs” visit

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