Are Interview Products Dead?

I was at Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal’s 7 Figure Business Workshop a while backand one of the hot questions for the expert panel was “Are Interview Products Dead?” With yours truly being just one of the around twenty ‘experts’ on the stage I didn’t have an opportunity at the event to put in my two cents on this subject so I’ll do it now.

Interview products in the Internet Marketing niche are not dead if and only if you have a unique slant or marketing approach that will stand your interview product apart from the crowd. If you’re doing another “me too” product that is nearly identical to bunches of other products already done your chances of having great success with that product are pretty slim.

Great marketing alone can give you a chance – but how many of us are great marketers?  Your interview product is in a more specialized niche then you’ll probably find very few interview products even exist in your area. If you can identify the experts in your niche (not Internet Marketing) then an interview style product is still quite viable.

Here’s an interesting note. Speaker Fulfillment Services duplicates and fulfills products for a lot of information marketers. Here are the top 5 topics which we currently ship products on:

1. Nutrition
2. Stock trading
3. Dating women
4. Playing the guitar
5. Cake decorating

What don’t you see on that list? Internet marketing. There’s a reason for that. There is more money to be made in specialized niches. Find your niche and avoid the overcrowded markets with all the “me too” interview products.

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