New Product Launch Checklist

New Product Launch Checklist

More than 2 Months Pre-Launch

1.  Create the content – record audio(s) and/or videos, write manual
2.  Determine what the product components will be – DVDs, Audio CDs, Data CDs,  manuals, downloads, etc.
3.  If CDs or DVDs are included in product determine packaging (individual DVD style cases, multi-disc DVD style cases, plastic sleeves in 2 or 3-ring albums, paper sleeves, plastic sleeves included in print binder, jewel cases, other).
4.  If print component is to be included decide on desired binding method (3-ring binders including size, spiral binding, comb binding or perfect binding.
5.  Determine if printed component is to include tabs
6.  Determine if any components are to be shrunk wrapped
7.  Determine if printed components are to be single our double sided
8.  Determine if printed components are to be printed black and white or color
9.  Determine if product will have any bonus items (physical or download)
10.  Get pricing from SFS.
11.  Begin lining up your affiliate and joint venture partners.

8 Weeks Before Launch

1.  If transcripts are to be included get audio transcribed.
2.  Get artwork developed for all printed pieces (CD labels, CD/DVD packaging, binders, etc.)
3.  Proof all artwork.
4.  Determine desired audio format for final product (.wav or MP3 files)
5.  Inform SFS of launch date and quantity to be produced.
6.  Decide if discs are to be thermally printed or paper labeled
7.  Develop complete assembly instruction document for SFS (see sample)
8.  Provide SFS with at least two contact names with phone and emails to ask questions.
9.  Continue work on affiliate and joint venture partners.

6 Weeks Before Launch

1.  Format transcripts into final “print” version (PDF or Word document).
2.  Proofread your transcripts and other written documents.
3.  Send transcripts and other written documents to SFS.
4.  Quality check your audios and/or videos.
5.  Write thank you letter to include with product.
6.  Send all artwork to SFS via disc or downloadable links.
7.  Convert MP3 files to .wav format.
8.  Break audio into tracks and add front/back music if desired.
9.  Send SFS physical address where you want product mockup sent.
10.  Write sales copy for website.
11.  Develop your website.
12.  Continue work on affiliate and joint venture partners.

4 Weeks Before Launch

1.  Determine preferred shipping method and notify fulfillment house.
2.  Proof mockup.
3.  Notify SFS if mockup is okayed or if changes need to be made.
4.  Add the product to your online shopping cart.
5.  Inform SFS of product name(s) which product may be sold under and
accompanying SKU numbers.
6.  Pay SFS deposit on production job.
7.  Continue work on affiliate and joint venture partners.

2 Weeks Before Launch

1.  Setup and test the order notice delivery mechanism with SFS

Launch Date

1.  Make website live

Post Launch

1.  If your launch exceeded expectation notify SFS immediately so additional units can be put into production.

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